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Dartboard is a business intelligence and analytics service to help early and growth stage businesses make sense of volumes of historical and disparate data.

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We Deliver Insights

Our business intelligence toolkit analyses data sitting in multiple places and helps deliver actionable insights that are tailored to your business model and functions.

Here are a few examples of Dartboard Insights.


Product Adoption

Comprehensive customer insights are essential as companies compete to attract a wide range of customer segments with diverse habits. However, it becomes tricky to determine factors impacting customer acquisition and retention. Dartboard delivers product adoption insights to improve product relevance and boost revenue growth.

Operational Dynamics

Data-driven business operations is the key to improved productivity and success. Alignment between people, processes and technology requires systems that foster collaboration on insights. Dartboard effortlessly translates demand signals into actionable decisions to drive operational efficiency.


Transactional Intelligence

How can companies build an intelligent sales process? The answer lies in a company’s ability to consistently monitor sales performance and accurately forecast opportunities. Dartboard iteratively helps you improve your sales strategy based on historical revenue intelligence and daily monitoring.

Marketing Personalisation

Companies struggle to make fact-based marketing decision. Teams spend tedious cycles trying to blend disparate data sources to get a bird’s-eye view of customers. Dartboard easily brings together a range of data sources to help companies correlate marketing spend and customer actions.

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  • Step 1

    While most business intelligence products put the onus on the customer to 'figure things out', at Dartboard, we strongly believe in a triangle of customer success – metric owners, tracking priority and desirable actions - that drives the analytics process forward.

    Hence, we conduct extensive initiation workshops to align your business model, technology and data into coherent short-term and long-term objectives. Through these workshops, we develop a deep understanding of your data model and operating environment.

  • Step 2

    Without wasting any time, we run rigorous statistical models on your historical data to help answer what has happened? For many businesses, insights from past behaviours help them understand how they might influence future outcomes.

    This enables us to identify critical areas, formulate new hypotheses, and define a tracking plan based on what has worked for your business in the past and discard data noise.

  • Step 3

    Conducting team meetings based on daily health-check depends less on your choice of a tool but more on your willingness to use a dashboard. As seasoned UX designers and product managers, we understand this more than anything.

    Our monitoring dashboards are bespoke with essential business drivers and detailed scheduled reports. We enable you to track the key data and collaborate with your team on what's driving your business.

  • Step 4

    Insights should either drive action, or trigger new questions. At Dartboard, we firmly believe this to be the objective of any intelligence framework. More importantly, this intelligence framework needs to be dynamic and spiral up towards a mature analytics process.

    Without the need for businesses to hire a data scientist, Dartboard powers granular insights from data. We run a continuous feedback model with highly personalised reports that answer the most complex questions you're faced with at any given point of time.

Our month-long pilot programme includes the initiation workshop and historical analysis and gives you the way forward into setting up an analytics plan.

Dartboard Success Stories


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Our Offering

We are fine-tuned to the data needs of small, medium and growing businesses.

The Lean Analytics Stack

Let us help you take the guesswork out of your processes by providing you an all-inclusive package of technology, people and expertise.

Custom analytics models
Dedicated team of analysts
No infrastructural overheads
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Historical analysis

Personalised dashboards

Daily intelligence touchpoints

Dedicated data engineer

On-demand data analyst

Data exports & API routing

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Team @Dartboard

Kshitish Purohit
Co-Founder / Product, Operations

Head of Products @PaperKite; Active Mentor @91springboard; Product Advisor @SquadRun, @ShaadiSaga, @Milkbasket, @Inquirly; Industrial Design @NID

Manan Vohra
Co-Founder / Strategy, Sales

Founder @HadeanLabs; Head of Strategy @PaperKite; Active Mentor @VirginStartups; Strategy Advisor @Milkbasket, @Inquirly; Digital Humanities @UCL

Rudraksh MK
Co-Founder / Technology

Founder @MathHarbor; Events & Tech @Hasgeek; Community Evangelism @Wingify; Russian Studies @JNU

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